Dedication Weekend!

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Special Guests!

Sunday, November 11, we enjoyed the ministry of Bro. and Sis. Randy Adams!  Regional Directors of the continent of Africa, they shared with us outstanding stories of revival and then spoke to our hearts from Hebrews!  God bless this awesome couple and their ministry to the missionaries in Africa! Please follow and like us:

Opening Celebration!

On Sunday, September 30, 2018, we moved into our brand new facility at 7880 Washington Blvd.  God has been faithful!  Many friends and family came to help us celebrate!  We broke our attendance record with more than 200 in attendance!  To God be the Glory!  Come see us Sunday mornings or Wednesday evenings! Please follow and like us:

Almost time to move in!

A few more details and we will be ready to move! Looking forward to our new home at 7880 Washington Blvd. We invite you to be a part of our family! Please follow and like us:

Scripture Foundation!

On Sunday night, August 19, we gathered together in our new church sanctuary at 7880 Washington Blvd. and placed a foundation of scriptures on the floor before our carpet is laid!  We believe that the Word of God is truly our foundation!  We are literally standing on the Word now! Please follow and like us:

Special Tribute!

A very special tribute to Bishop Bill Treece!  This replica of our stained glass at 1225 Glendale has been digitally placed on tile and installed in the front foyer of the new church.  The original work of art was hand crafted by Bro. Treece in memory of his grandson.  Local artist at The Glass Tattoo did an outstanding job of recreating this special masterpiece!  A little old to feel at…Keep Reading

Nearly there!

Doors are being stained, Sunday School classrooms ready for carpet, foyer done and ready for decorating! We are finally getting there! Thank you Jesus! Please follow and like us:

How cool is that?!?

Steady progress continues at 7880 Washington! We now have air conditioning! Not much longer now! To God be the Glory! Please follow and like us:


It is wonderful to watch the steady, continual progress at 7880 Washington Blvd. Although it is not moving as quickly as we would like, we know that we are on His timetable! The sound men, electricians, A/C and plumbers were all working this week and for that we are thankful! Please follow and like us:

Special Guests at New Church!

It is always great to have friends stop by! Special guests Bro. and Sis. Danny Russo and Bro. and Sis. Bobby Edwards! Thank you for having interest in our new facility and taking the time to stop by for a few minutes and chat! We love you. Please follow and like us:

Excitement at new facility!

We are so excited about the progress this week! We will continue to keep you posted! Please follow and like us:

Free Home Bible Studies!

We are offering home Bible studies to anyone wanting to learn from God’s Word!  Studying the Word of God enriches every day.  Learn what the Bible says about salvation and how you can experience your own personal Pentecost!  Have you questioned your salvation?  The abundant life that Jesus promised is available to you!  Call or email to learn more. Please follow and like us: