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Church History: Amelia United Pentecostal Church was founded in 1952 by Rev. Allen Doyle.  Services were held in a tent on the property at 1225 Glendale. The wood building was built using lumber donated by Sis. Doyle’s father.

The church continued to grow and experienced many great revivals under the ministry of Bro. & Sis. Doyle.  Bro. Doyle also served as Presbyter in the Texas District of UPCI during his leadership of Amelia UPC and until his death in November of 1974.

Amelia UPC

The church members elected Rev. W. J. Treece as new pastor and he and Sis. Treece took leadership of the church in January 1975.  Under their direction, a bond program was launched in 1978 for a new sanctuary and educational building.  Bro. Treece was the contractor and with the help of the men of the church began the construction of the new facility.

Bro. Treece took on the task on cutting all the colored glass and shaping it into the beautiful stained glass windows, which were donated by family in memory of their loved ones.  The stone and rock columns outside are the diligent work of Bro. Treece.  Everywhere you look, the labor of Bro. Treece and the faithful men can be seen.  Men and women who continue to strive to provide a beautiful place to worship.

Many individuals, not only church members, donated their time and expertise to assist the church.  The members gave of themselves, their time, money and labor to make the building program a success.  It took many years of dedication and lots of hard labor, but when completed, the church was debt free.

In 1994, the church family moved into the new sanctuary and with that move, a new beginning and a new name: GOSPEL TABERNACLE.  The older church building was updated and made into a fellowship hall and kitchen.

The church was blessed under the leadership of Bro. & Sis. Treece for many years.  Bro. Treece retired in June of 2008.

A new phase began, when church members elected Rev. Tony Morrison in November of 2008.  The Morrison family moved to Beaumont from Colorado.  The church was blessed with their musical talent and ministry. Bro. Morrison resigned June 2010.

In December 2010, Rev. Michael LaBrie was elected pastor of Gospel Tabernacle.  Rev. Michael and Michelle LaBrie came to Gospel Tabernacle with a vision for church growth, building a thriving Sunday School Department, a new outreach program and updating the facility.

On September 30, 2018, Gospel Tabernacle moved from its original location to a brand new facility at the corner of Glendale and Washington Blvd.  This new facility has seating for 300 in the sanctuary, a full Sunday School wing with special rooms for the youth and children’s church, a half-court gym that can be used as a fellowship hall, evangelist quarters and office wing. 

Gospel Tabernacle will continue to share the Good News of Jesus Christ to our community.