Archives December 2016

December 25, 2016

Pastor’s Corner:
I want to wish each of you a very Merry Christmas and pray that you were able to spend quality time with your family and friends. This week marks the final week of 2016 and I encourage you to get your tithing and offering in during this time. We will send out yearly statements in January.

We should begin to see activity on our church property next month. I will keep you posted but I encourage everyone to drive by the property and catch the excitement of what God is helping us accomplish at Gospel Tabernacle!

2017 will be an exciting year for us and we pray that we see a harvest of souls won to the Kingdom.
Pastor Michael G. LaBrie

December 18, 2016

Pastor’s Corner:
Special thanks for the good crowd we had in service last Sunday night. It is always a blessing for me to look out and see a good congregation in the house! We are awaiting the appraisal of our property for the completion of our loan at Post Oak Bank. Once that is accomplished, we will be ready to start with the foundation. This next year will be an excit-ing one for Gospel Tabernacle! This month marks 6 years as your Pastor and it’s just the beginning! Pastor Mike LaBrie

December 11, 2016

Pastor’s Corner:
I wanted to say a special “thank you” to Bro. and Sis. Green for their delicious gumbo last Sunday night as well as Sis. Freddie Abshire for helping get it all together! It was a very nice fellowship for those in attendance.
Also, we had a great trip to Houston yesterday. It was good to spend time with our church family.
We anxiously await the next step in our building project. I am learning patience! Pastor Michael G. LaBrie

December 4, 2016

Pastor’s Corner:
Thank you for being sensitive to the Holy Ghost last Sunday night allowing the Lord to minister in the house!
We are looking forward to our time of fellowship this com-ing Saturday. We currently have some tickets left and would love for you to make plans to attend!
A very special “thanks” for your donations to Some Other Place for Thanksgiving and the Boys Ranch for Christmas. It is the season for giving! Pastor Michael G. LaBrie