Archives July 2017

July 23, 2017

This week, my wife and I will attend National Youth Congress in Indianapolis, Indiana. It will be awesome to see30,000 young people worshiping God in the Lucas Stadium.

It will never be the same again! Praise the Lord! Progress continues on Washington Blvd. Please make time to go by the property and see what God is doing!

We appreciate your continued faithful giving!

We had a wonderful time of fellowship yesterday traveling to Woodville to eat at the Pickett House! It is always good to spend time with our church family.

Keep us in your prayers this week for safe travels. We love you.

Pastor Michael G. LaBrie

July 16, 2017

God is continuing to do awesome things at Gospel Tabernacle. Please remember each of our church family members that are homebound at this time and need your continued prayers.

I also want to thank each one of you who have faithfully given your pledge to our building fund. It is that consistent giving that the Lord honors and He “multiplies” it for use in His Kingdom! As our building project continues, I am reminded of Matthew 7 where Jesus speaks of the wise and foolish men. The wise man built his house upon the rock and it withstood the storm. I am thankful that we are built upon the solid rock, Christ Jesus!

Pastor Michael G. LaBrie

July 9, 2017

Words cannot describe the power and anointing that was in the house last Sunday night. I pray that each one of you have spent the week considering the word from the Lord and submitting your life to His call! It really is the only thing that matters. Keep the main thing, the main thing!

I hope that each of you had a wonderful holiday week! God bless America once again!
We continue to watch the progress of our new church facility. Excitement is building!

Pastor Michael G. LaBrie

July 2, 2017

We want to say a great big “thanks” to Tori Holst and Tyler Newton for assisting us with our music last Sunday night.

God is blessing our church and we are excited to watch our new facility being erected on Washington Blvd.

Please invite a friend to join you in our worship service on Sundays and for our Bible study on Tuesdays. The children are having a great time at Club Faith and we need more in attendance! Also, please remember all of our church family in need of healing!

Pastor Michael G. LaBrie